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Synaptic Design was started in 1989 in Melbourne, Australia by Dr Brian Sherwood B. App. Sc. (Chiropractic) Brian graduated from the RMIT University School of Chiropractic (formerly Phillip Institute) in 1988.


The greatest difficulty Dr Sherwood faced when he first started practice was answering the question, "What's wrong with my back?". The spine is a very complex structure  and communicating the diagnosis and prognosis in layman's terms can be difficult for a new graduate.


Dr Sherwood had an idea of designing and manufacturing an anatomical spinal model that shows 'what can go wrong with a patients back'. That's how the first model Demere 1 was born. (Demere is Latin for 'to demonstrate'.)


Since 1989, Synaptic Design have been manufacturing innovative spinal models and T-Bars and distributing products such as the Chiroflow water-based pillow and Multi-Radiance Cold Lasers.


Celebrating our 21st Birthday

Over the past 21 years at Synaptic Design we have searched the world (and our own backyard) to connect you with tools, ideas and knowledge so that you can be the best in practice. We learnt early on that investing in your own clinical expertise naturally leads to a successful and healthy practice.


The clinical products we have brought to you have always been of the highest quality, the top of their field and rigorous research behind each and every innovation. Join us in our 21st birthday celebrations by discovering better outcomes, more referrals, an enhanced professional reputation and greater income for yourself.

Our first shipment of Demere spinal models heads to the USA (1989)

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