Take the pain out of difficult explanations

Both Lateral and Central canal stenosis.

L4 spinal nerve entrapment.

Each disc depicts the 9 annular layers.

Circumferential annular tearing.

Radial annular tears on phase 2 disc.

Contained disc herniation.

Disc prolapse on phase 2 set.

Life size and fully articulated.

A magnet hold each set onto black base.

AU $347 incl. GST

It may be hard to believe but there are still practices who don’t give a report to their patients!

Some practices think that a brief chat over an x-ray view box with a final comment like, “I think

we can help you” is a report. In both cases, the patient isn’t fully informed and you’re not using a

vital opportunity to tap into the patient’s motivating forces and be accountable for the outcomes.


But the biggest mistake is not addressing the perception gap highlighted by a NZCA survey

which found patients see back problems as self-limiting or requiring only a quick fix.

Chiropractors however, not only want to provide relief by pin-pointing the cause but

restore normal function and promote health and well-being.


The report visit begins to bridge the one-visit miracle mind-set with a discussion

(not a monologue) describing the patient’s health situation, how it impacts

their life, the possible consequences and arriving at

shared goals and outcomes.


Demere 3 Magnetised Model

"I use it everyday."

We pioneered the progressive subluxation degeneration model back in 1988. After thousand of hours in the anatomy lab, radiology clinics and sculpting studio, the first Demere was born.

True-to-life accuracy


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